The Next Margaret


ATTENTION, MYSTERY LOVERS! All events featured in this, Randy Craig’s long out-of-print first appearance, are included in and form the basis of the much-expanded 2015 novel ANOTHER MARGARET. Get all the details here.

The very first Randy Craig Mystery was published in 1994 and is the “lost book” of the series. It is no longer considered to be part of the official “canon” of published novels, which begins with STICKS + STONES.

We first met Miranda “Randy” Craig here as she was returning to grad school to do an MA in English literature at the University of Alberta. Her decision is motivated by the discovery of a new “Great Canadian Author,” Margaret Athers, whose second novel, Two for Joy, reads like “Pynchon and Thurber and Stoppard and Calvino all rolled into one.” Athers is reported to be a reclusive figure who can only be contacted through her publisher, but all is not as it seems. Soon, Randy must use her literary deductive skills to prove that the Department of English is harbouring a killer.

The first book sets the pattern (or running joke) of Randy Craig as the polar opposite of those “Ivory Tower” academic mystery series. Randy, like a great many brilliant minds in academe today, never quite lands that coveted tenure-track position. Instead, she moves from job to job on the periphery of the university system — with a real knack for finding trouble wherever she goes!